Hi, I’m Lindsay, and I’m your Disney planner! My husband Blake and I have twin daughters, Mercy and Noella, and a dog named Jazzy!

I have always loved Disney, but now that I’m a mom to two little girls, I’m falling in love with it all over again! I love sharing favorite movies from my childhood with them, and we frequently sing and dance along to our favorite songs! It has been so sweet to watch them delight in Disney just as I do!

I’ve been to Disney World several times throughout my life, and also had an amazing vacation on a Disney Cruise! But it wasn’t until 2018, when I planned a trip to Disney World for my family and my parents, that I began thinking about becoming a Disney Planner.

I realized just how complicated Disney vacations are! With dining reservations, fast passes, and so many attractions to pick from, it could easily get overwhelming, especially for folks who have little to no experience with Disney! Several of my friends would ask me for assistance and advice about their upcoming trips, before I was doing this professionally, so it made sense to become certified and do it for real!

I’m naturally a planner – highly organized, thinking through every detail, and focused on maximizing time and money, so I’m well equipped for this role! I hope you’ll let me help you plan your next Disney vacation, and make it your Disney Dream Trip!


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